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The Burly™ SCOUT Stainless Steel Smoke Reducing Firepit with Grill Attachment Bundle gives you an easy and quick way to have an open-fire cooking experience. The SCOUT Stainless Steel Fire Pit is 17" and has a unique, patent-pending two-piece design engineered to eliminate the headaches associated with conventional outdoor wood fires. The detachable grill feature is designed to work with the fire pit. All of the parts are designed using heavy-duty stainless steel. Designed to swivel on or off the grill to control the cooking time on the grill.

Burly™ SCOUT Stainless Steel Fire Pit

  • Crafted to reduce smoke
  • Produces significant radiant heat
  • Very few sparks form compared to traditional wood-burning fire pit
  • Handles are made from White Oak, stained & waterproof to hold up in weather
  • Unit comes assembled. Ready to use right out of the box
Grill Feature for SCOUT Fire Pit
  • Made for the 17" SCOUT Fire Pit
  • Easily & quickly attaches to the flange
  • Adjustable height for temperature control
  • Fits inside the unit for easy storage or travel


  • Burly™ SCOUT Stainless Steel Fire Pit
    • Materials: 304 stainless steel
    • Inside diameter: 17"
    • Outside diameter: 20"
    • Tall: 17"
    • Long-lasting
    • Easy to start
    • Portable
  • Grill Feature
    • Material: heavy-duty stainless steel
    • Dimensions: 16" diameter grill grate
    • Made for the 17" SCOUT Fire Pit
    • Detachable
    • Height adjustable
  • Made in the USA


  • Burly™ SCOUT Stainless Steel Firepit
  • Grill Attachment for SCOUT Firepit


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