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There are models, and then there is Flexbot. Flexbot is a DIY helicopter kit, providing all the materials to assemble your own copter and take to the skies! With simple, straightforward construction, and the ability to be controlled directly from your smartphone, Flexbot provides a world of fun for the whole family.

  • Control the Flexbot using the gravity sensors in your smartphone or tablet
  • Personalize your flying experience w/ any design you like
  • Customize your Flexbot further by 3D printing your own additions at home
  • Add new modules using the Arduino compatibility
  • Lower flying noise, remove signals, & more by coding it yourself


  • Battery: 500 mAh
  • Arduino compatible
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • MPU-6050 6 Axis sensor
  • Open hardware


  • App compatible with iOS and Android 4.3 or later


  • 3D printed body
  • Six-axial-sensored pilot
  • 3D printed helmet
  • 3D printed battery capsule
  • Motor of 40,000 r/min
  • Power battery
  • 6 propellors


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  • Expected Delivery: Dec 25 - Dec 28
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