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Recycled Fire Hose Dopp Kit Yellow/Black


If your gear can stand up to burning buildings, you know it’s made well. Each of these dopp kits was handcrafted out of recycled fire hose from around a firehouse. Forget your standard canvas or nylon, fire hose is made from two layers of woven synthetic canvas that’s sandwiched inside a waterproof jacket. It’s designed to stand up to all the dragging, pulling, and hauling during its lifetime. Now, instead of the material going into a landfill after it was used to fight fires, it’s been repurposed into these solid kits that will stand up to any beating you could possibly throw their way.


  • Handmade from recycled fire hose
  • Triple sewn seams
  • Double thick water-resistant canvas
  • Mildew resistant
  • 13 1/2" x 7"
  • Because of the nature of the material, there may be some slight variations to the image pictured
  • Made in the USA

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